Pringles "Jalapeño & Onion"
"Uma spicy" new flavor

A new flavor "Jalapeño & Onion" is now available in Pringles. It will be sold nationwide from March 14th.

Pringles Jalapeno & Onion is a new flavor that was developed to suit the tastes of Japanese people. It is said that it is finished in "umami spicy taste" that combines the spiciness of jalapeno and the taste of onion.

Pringles "Jalapeño & Onion"
It looks good as a snack for sake

When you bite, the taste of onion comes first. While chewing, the spiciness of jalapeno gradually chases after, and the afterglow with moderate spiciness invites the next bite again. The exquisite gradation of the taste is addictive.

The estimated price is 233 yen for a 110g (3.88oz) can and 122 yen for a 53g (1.87oz) can, both excluding tax.