Pringles "Pringles Cream Stew"

From the molded potato chips "Pringles", "Pringles Cream Stew" will be released on January 24th as the first flavor for a limited time in 2022. The price is open.

Pringles cream stew

"Pringles Cream Stew" reproduces the warm and gentle taste of the winter classic menu "Cream Stew", and adds richness and depth to the taste of milk with a rich cheese flavor (*). The moderate sweetness matches the saltiness of the chips, creating a taste that makes you want to eat continuously. * Uses milk and cheese flavors

In the package, Mr. P with a smile is adopted to express the mood of eating cream stew and relaxing. The design is based on the image of warming the mind and body even in the harsh cold of winter.

The color of the banner at the top is a delicious shade of cream stew, and the dark blue background expresses the feeling of the winter season and the milk of the stew. On the side, a thick cream stew shines in a red pot, and a milk carton next to the flavor name adds a milky feeling and fun.