Pringles Yumiko Garlic Butter Flavor

Pringles Appetite Free!


Flavor Series

Pringles, a brand of potato chips sold in more than 140 countries around the world, is introducing a limited-time lineup for 2023 called the "Appetite Liberation! The first in the series is the "Pringles Thick Flavor Series. The first product in the series, "Pringles Yobitsuki Garlic Butter Flavor," will go on sale on Monday, February 27.



Garlic Butter Flavor The addictive flavor of rich butter in addition to the punchy garlic flavor will stimulate your appetite. The savory garlic flavor fills the mouth with a mild buttery aftertaste.

The package design of the rich flavor series uses a strong gradation of colors to express the impact of the flavor that spreads in the mouth. The new flavor is a combination of yellow and orange, evoking the rich flavor of garlic butter.

Pringles Yumiko Garlic Butter Flavor

Mr. P, the brand's mascot character, has a star-shaped expression on his face as he looks at the punchy garlic flavor. The garlic flavor is depicted as it dances on the chips and the buttery flavor spreads as soon as you eat the chips, expressing the mouthwatering taste.

Product name: Pringles Yakitsuki Garlic Butter Flavor
Launch date: February 27, 2023 (Monday)
Sales area: Nationwide
Content: 50g (1.76oz)/95g (3.35oz)
Price: Open price
Country of origin: Malaysia