"Denim Burger" on Okayama / Kurashiki Denim Street

"Blue food" that rarely exists in nature. In the first place, blue is said to be a "color that loses appetite" as a complementary color to orange, which is an appetizing color.

However, it is also a fact that I am interested in whether it feels unusual because I do not usually see it. Here is a summary of the "blue gourmet" that the En-eating editorial department has encountered so far! * Mainly items that are not currently on sale, such as for a limited time

Gelato with blue chocolate
Gelato mixed with blue chocolate, sold for a limited time at Felissimo in the summer of 2015. It has a cool and mysterious taste. ≫ Original article

Blue chocolate gelato felissimo
Felissimo gelato with blue chocolate

Blue burger
"Denim burger" sold at Okayama / Kurashiki Denim Street. It is a menu that appeals to Kurashiki's famous denim. ≫ In addition to this, the original article also introduces "Denim Man" and "Denim Soft".

Blue hamburger Kurashiki denim burger
"Denim Burger" on Okayama / Kurashiki Denim Street

Blue bean paste
A blue bean paste sold for a limited time by Akanemaru, a manufacturer specializing in bean paste, in the summer of 2015. The product name was "Refreshing Ramune An", and the flavor of Ramune was reproduced. ≫ Original article

"Refreshing Ramune An" Akanemaru
Blue bean paste "Refreshing Ramune bean paste"

Blue ramen
The menu that was sold around the summer of 2014 at the ramen shop "Bunbun Blau Cafe" in Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo (as far as I can see from the shop's website, it seems that it is not sold now). The blue soup is colored with a kind of algae "spirulina", and surprisingly, it is full of "superfoods". ≫ Original article

Blue soup ramen
Blue ramen colored with algae

Blue soft serve
Blue x yellow Swedish flag color soft serve ice cream sold for a limited time at the IKEA Shinmisato store in 2013. The taste was blue for yogurt and yellow for mango. ≫ Original article

IKEA Swedish soft serve ice cream
Blue x yellow soft serve ice cream inspired by the Swedish flag

In addition, blue curry , blue jam , blue tea, etc.

Villevan's blue jam
Jam with beautiful clear blue

Most of the tastes are "normally delicious". If you find a blue gourmet, why not take the courage to try it?