Soup Stock Tokyo "Soup for Cats"
(All images are from Soup Stock Tokyo official website)

It was announced on the official website that "Soup for Cats" will appear in Soup Stock Tokyo. From August 2nd, it will be available only at the official online shop.

Soup Stock Tokyo Soup for cats

Soup Stock Tokyo "Soup for Cats"

There are two types of "soup for cats", (chicken, carrot) and (red sea bream, pumpkin), depending on the taste of the cat. Similar to Soup Stock Tokyo's soup, natural ingredients are selected and made as a soup for cats living with them. Dashi stock is layered to enhance the flavor in order to create a fragrant dish.

It was developed by the chef of Soup Stock Tokyo, who also lives with cats. In addition, I am receiving product development advice from Mr. Kazuyoshi Tokumoto, a veterinarian who is a director of the Pet Nutrition Society.

Soup Stock Tokyo "Soup for Cats"

Soup for cats (chicken, carrots)

Chicken and carrot soup is based on chicken glass soup. The kelp and bonito broth are combined to create a fragrant finish. The softly finished chicken and carrot umami are blended in.

Soup for cats (red sea bream, pumpkin)

Red sea bream and pumpkin soup are made with dried sardines in addition to red sea bream. The aroma and sweetness of pumpkin add richness to the soup, and the soup stock of kelp and bonito enhances the flavor of seafood.