"My favorite nostalgic canned juice" ranking

From the goo ranking, the "Most Favorite Nostalgic Canned Juice" ranking has been announced. The aggregation period is from April 6th to April 20th. The total number of votes is 1,406.

My favorite nostalgic canned juice

3rd place "Fanta"

Fanta was born in Germany in 1940 during World War II, and has been a long-selling product in Japan for over 60 years since its launch in 1958. It is supported by a wide range of generations, especially young people. In addition to the standard oranges and grapes, a wide variety of seasonal fruit flavors are available. It also contains vitamins and is free of artificial colors and fragrances.

2nd place "Mello Yellow"

"Mello Yellow" was released in Japan in 1983 with a catch phrase "a very incomprehensible taste". It is characterized by its moderate carbonic acid and smooth taste of citrus flavor, and was popular among young people at the time of its release. Even after disappearing from the market in 2000, it was reprinted as a bottle can in 2004 only for 7-ELEVEN. In 2011, it was reprinted in cans and PET bottles in the wake of the retro boom, and it has been very popular. In 2017, it was reprinted only for vending machines.

1st place "Fujiya Nectar"

Fujiya Nectar, a long-selling canned juice that was launched in 1964 and has been loved for more than half a century. It features a smooth and rich taste with plenty of fruit. The puree, which is the raw material, is made by a laborious manufacturing method in which the whole fruit is crushed and then strained three times after heating. By carefully removing fine seeds and skins in this way and condensing the umami of the fruit, that unique taste is realized.