goo ranking "After all, the best canned beer ranking"

The ranking information site "goo ranking", which ranks all "things and things" in the world, investigates which product is the best after all, with the theme of canned beer that can be easily bought at supermarkets and convenience stores.・ It has been ranked. The aggregation period is from June 16, 2021 to June 30, 2021.

3rd place The Premium Malt's

"The Premium Malt's" has been sold nationwide since 2003, with the predecessor of "Malt's Super Premium" released in 1989 in a limited area. It is a product that is particular about malt and hops, natural water, and fine bubbles called "Kamiwa". Natural water brewing using deep groundwater, diamond malt rich in umami ingredients, and European aroma hops with a gorgeous scent are finished by a laborious manufacturing method, and the creamy god foam enhances the goodness of the material. No wonder it's loved by beer lovers.

2nd place Kirin Ichiban Shibori Beer

"Kirin Ichiban Shibori Beer" was released in 1990 and celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2020. It is a standard product offered at a regular price so that you can easily drink it every day while using a high-cost manufacturing method that uses only the wort that flows out first in the filtration process. This product is particular about using only the first squeezed wort without blending the second squeezed wort used in general beer production in order to have a clear taste without any unpleasant taste. It is also a point that malt is used luxuriously and the taste of wheat is fully brought out.

1st place Asahi Super Dry

"Asahi Super Dry" was released in 1987 as Japan's first dry beer. We are constantly researching and developing to achieve a refined and clear taste by thoroughly sticking to yeast, raw materials, and manufacturing methods. After many years of careful selection of yeast and optimization of brewing technology, Asahi Breweries itself described this product as "achieving the best taste ever" in 2020. Perhaps the reason for its popularity is its thorough commitment to all processes. The long-selling "Asahi Super Dry", which became an explosive hit immediately after its release and caused the "dry war" in the beer industry, ranked first.