Mangetsu "Ajarimochi"
You should buy this when you go to Kyoto!

A classic souvenir from Kyoto, Mr. Mangetsu's "Ajarimochi". At souvenir shops that sell Kyoto famous confectionery, this is often sold out. It is also sold at department stores such as Isetan, but according to locals, it may not be possible to buy it side by side!

I would like to reiterate the deliciousness of Mangetsu Mangetsu, which is not an exaggeration to say that it is a top of Kyoto souvenir. I finally bought 3 souvenir shops near Kyoto station.

Mangetsu "Ajarimochi"
I finally got the Agarashi mochi (pictured is 550 yen for 5 pieces)

● What is "Ajari"?

It's a word that you're not familiar with, but it seems that the etymology of Acharya is Sanskrit, which means "high priest." It is said that the second generation owner of the full moon in 1918 devised it after a monk who trained on Mt. Hiei ate rice cakes and survived hunger.

Mangetsu "Ajarimochi"
I feel the history

The shape of the Agarashi mochi is based on the motif of Ajirogasa, which is worn by a high priest.

Mangetsu "Ajarimochi"
Does it look like a hat?

● Moist and chewy horse!

A lightly baked dough made from mochi flour, and plenty of azuki beans from Tamba Dainagon. Since it is a namagashi, the expiration date is very short, and the one I bought was only 5 days (!).

When you stretch it, the moist dough spreads with a fluffy and fragrant flavor, and you will be greeted by a chewy and sticky texture. The edge is a little thick, so you can enjoy a more chewy texture.

Mangetsu "Ajarimochi"
The chewy dough is packed with grains

The bean paste packed inside is not too sweet and has an elegant and delicious taste. When I thought that this deliciousness might be similar to something, it was " Toyoka ", which I had eaten in Hiroshima before and was insanely delicious.

Mangetsu "Ajarimochi"
A bite is irresistibly happy

In addition, although it is written on the individual packaging paper, it is also recommended to warm it in the oven and eat it in winter. Moisture is removed from the dough and it becomes fragrant, and the hot bean paste becomes smoother. The overall fragrance will also be plump.

Mangetsu "Ajarimochi"
Agarashi mochi warmed quickly in the oven

Even if the souvenir shops are sold out, there are still some souvenir shops inside the ticket gates of Kyoto Station, so check it out (I could buy it near the Shinkansen platform)!