Country Ma'am Plus Dietary Fiber
A new work with plenty of "dietary fiber" in Country Ma'am!

Fujiya "Country Ma'am" will release a new product "Country Ma'am Plus Dietary Fiber" on March 7th.

Introducing a new series of "Country Ma'am", a cookie with a crispy outside and a moist texture inside, with plenty of dietary fiber. Domestic wheat, wheat germ, rye, and whole grain flour are used for the dough. No chocolate chips are used. It seems that the sweetness of the ingredients of vegetables and fruits is brought out.

There are two types of lineup: "Cranberry" with dried cranberries, pumpkin paste and pumpkin powder, and "Pumpkin" with crushed pumpkin seeds. Each contains 8 pieces, and the price is 216 yen (tax included).