Lotte "Koala's March [Custard Pudding]"
Custard pudding flavor!

From Lotte, "Enjoy Easter! ] Series "Koala's March [Custard Pudding]" will be released on February 21st. The estimated price is 100 yen (excluding tax, the same applies below).

This is a custard pudding-flavored sweet named after the Easter "egg". Custard pudding-flavored chocolate is injected into the crispy biscuits with a koala pattern.

In addition, "Enjoy Easter! Koala's March Share Pack" (313 yen), "Enjoy Easter! Pokemon Monster Ball Candy (Bag)" (200 yen), and "Enjoy Easter! Hercy Cake" (240 yen) will also be on sale.

Lotte "Enjoy Easter! Hershey Cake"
With "egg hunt meiro" on the side of the package