Lotte "Koala's March [Lemon Tart]".

LOTTE "Koala March [Lemon Tart]" Collaboration with Franck Muller

LOTTE will release "Koala March [Lemon Tart]", a collaboration product with Franck Muller, a luxury Swiss mechanical watch brand, on March 21 (Tuesday).

The flavor is inspired by the "Lemon


" from the Franck Muller Patisserie, which is popular for its deeply flavored sweets that allow people to enjoy luxurious moments. The white chocolate inside is made with Japanese lemon peel and the cookie is made with fermented butter (0.4% fermented butter, ingredients with fermented butter are used). You can enjoy the elegant and refreshing taste.

Lemon Tart" at Franck Muller Patisserie

Time-themed design using the numerals (Byzantine numerals) used on the dial of "Franck Muller" on the packaging and biscuit designs. A total of 284 designs, consisting of 260 regular designs and 24 collaboration designs, are enclosed in the package at random.

Lotte "Koala's March [Lemon Tart]".

Koala March [Chocolate] [Strawberry] also collaborated for a limited time. Three types of package design each, and collaboration cookie designs are also enclosed.

Lotte "Koala's March [Chocolate] [Strawberry]".

The top and bottom inside of the package also feature a card with the image of a Franck Muller wristwatch dial. After eating the biscuits, you can enjoy crafting a watch out of the empty box.

Lotte "Koala's March [Lemon Tart]".