EA Gran "Berry's Halloween Eye Cake"
The highlight is Gyorori! EA Gran "Berry's Halloween Eye Cake"

"ROPPONGI HILLS HALLOWEEN 2016" will be held from October 7th to 31st at Roppongi Hills for Halloween. At the same time, each restaurant will offer a unique and impactful "Halloween menu".

This year, sweets and drinks with the motif of "eyeballs" will be introduced for the first time. At EA Gran, "Berry's Halloween Eye Cake" (650 yen, tax included, same below) with three round eyes, and at Cafe Crepe, crepe dough kneaded with purple potatoes with fresh cream "Real Eye (Eyeball) Crepe" (980 yen), which wraps a large grape and is topped with a lot of eyeballs, and "Real Monster Eyeball Drink" (680 yen), which has two eyeballs floating on a grape-flavored soda drink. Is provided.

Cafe crepe "Real eye crepe"
"First crepe" Real eye crepe

In addition, at AS Classics Diner, the ingredients are sandwiched between black buns kneaded with squid ink, and 5 types of burgers are stacked for "Monster Burger 2016" (6,000 yen). The lineup includes a dynamic and impactful Halloween menu, such as the stacked "Purple and White Chocolate Spider Pancake Tower" (2,900 yen).

AS CLASSICS DINER "Monster Burger"
Share and eat with everyone! Monster Burger 2016

Egg Celent "Purple Imoto White Chocolate Spider Pancake Tower"
Is the purple sauce poisonous? Purple and white chocolate spider pancake tower

An example of the provided menu is as follows.

Mouri Salvatore Cuomo "Ghost Pumpkin Monster Parfait" (1,280 yen)
Hills Dal Matto "Zombie Bear" (432 yen)
Hills Dal Matto "Skeleton Gnocchi, Gorgonzola Sauce" (1,728 yen)
Creme de la Creme "Citruille" (540 yen)
Andiamo "Halloween Pumpkin Tiramisu Rain Cemetery Version 2016" (1,620 yen)
Il Ritrovo "Pumpkin Gnocchi" (1,400 yen)
Capricciosa "Spaghetti" Pumpkinara "Halloween 2016" (1,296 yen)
TUSK "Mixed berry and vampire bread sorbet" (900 yen)
TUSK "Angry Shot" (800 yen)