Ginza Sembikiya "Chestnut Sweets Fair".
Daifuku" and "Japanese chestnut millefeuille" (All images are from the official Ginza Sembikiya website)

Ginza Sembikiya Chestnut

Sweets Fair It was announced on the official website that "Chestnut Sweets Fair" will be held at Ginza Sembikiya and Patisserie Ginza Sembikiya. Chestnut Daifuku" and "Japanese chestnut millefeuille" will be sold in limited quantities as Japanese chestnut sweets that make the best use of the best ingredients. The sales period is from January 15 to February 14, 2023.

Ginza Sembikiya "Chestnut Sweets Fair".


" is a lovely-looking chestnut daifuku made of sponge covered with large Japanese chestnuts, Koshian (sweet bean paste), and chestnut custard whip, all wrapped in gyuhi (a type of rice flour made from rice flour). The combination of the hokuhoku Japanese chestnuts and the gentle sweetness of the Koshi An (sweet bean paste) is a perfect match, and the Daifuku is topped with sweetened chestnut dew paste and simmered astringent skin. This Japanese sweet is filled with the delicious taste of chestnuts. Priced at 756 yen (tax included, same as below).



Millefeuille "Japanese Chestnut Millefeuille" is being re-released due to the popularity of its previous appearance. The pie crust is filled with custard cream and topped with rich marron cream.
The sweetness of the Japanese chestnuts, the crispy texture of the pie crust, and the custard cream are in harmony. The price is 648 yen.

The fair menu is available at the following stores

Ginza Sembikiya Ginza Main Store 1F Fruit Shop
・ Ginza Sembikiya Shinjuku Store (Keio Department Store, Noren-gai)
・ Ginza Sembikiya Tsukiji Store
・ Patisserie Ginza Sembikiya Ecute Akabane Store
・ New Style Ginza Sembikiya Roppongi Hills Store
・ Patisserie Ginza Sembikiya Tokyo Gift Palette Store
・ Patisserie Ginza Sembikiya & times Hanazono Mantou Chapot Funabashi store