Domino's Pizza will revive "BIG CHALLENGE", which is a year's worth of pizza, for a limited time from October 29th to November 18th, 2012.

In the previous "BIG CHALLENGE", Domino's Pizza teamed up with the genius group "MENSA " of IQ148 and above to prepare only super-difficult questions. However, the result was a devastating defeat of Domino's Pizza. It seems that about 100 people have arrived at the correct answer.

This time, Domino's Pizza has revived "BIG CHALLENGE" for a limited time. We will challenge the user with a quiz that is even more difficult than last time. There are 30 quizzes in total. The campaign will end when all the prepared quizzes have been solved. By the way, can the campaign continue until November 18th, or will it be forcibly terminated? ??

Here's how to take part in the quiz.

1. Participate in "Excellent Tracking Quiz Show!" After ordering products on the Domino's Pizza EC site

2. When the options are displayed for each of the four difficulty levels, select "BIG CHALLENGE" and solve the quiz.

If you don't know the correct answer, you can tweet the question on Twitter and ask your followers for help.

3. See the correct answer announcement

Now, it's interesting that you can ask your followers for help on this campaign, Twitter.

Previously, a drama called "70,000 Detective Nitobe" was broadcast on BS. This is a high school girl "Tsugumi Shin Watato" who is the main character, and solves the case with the help of 70,000 members of the mobile site that she runs. The theme of the story was that if 70,000 people work together, they could surpass the power of the police.

In this campaign, we will challenge the brains of the genius group "MENSA" with IQ148 or higher, using not only individual intelligence but also the collective intelligence of Twitter followers. Now, can Twitter's collective intelligence surpass MENSA?