2012 is blessed with various astronomical shows such as the annular solar eclipse and the Venus eclipse, and it is truly an "astronomical year" that attracts a great deal of interest in space.

Speaking of "space," you can't miss the "Space Brothers," whose manga, anime, and movies are hit one after another this year. Although I was a Miha, I read "Space Brothers" and came to think of the universe. Besides, the main character, Rokuta, is a mojamoja heaven pa, but he is passionate and cool ♪

To suit such an astronomical year, Sapporo Beverage is tied up with the anime "Space Brothers" in 3 products and 4 containers of the soft drink "Gabu-drink " series (Gabu-drinking milk coffee 500ml (16.91us fl oz), Gabu-drinking fruit milk 500ml (16.91us fl oz), Gabu-drinking melon cream soda 500ml (16.91us fl oz) / 1500ml (50.72us fl oz)). .. By arranging two bottles side by side, one picture will be completed, and it is said that we will develop design bottles that adopt the "connecting picture design" that is fun to collect. The sale period is scheduled to be from mid-September 2012 to late January 2013.

Sapporo Beverage's "Gabu Drink" series
Sapporo Beverage's "Gabu Drink" series

In addition, along with the development of the design bottle, the original rare goods officially recognized by the Space Brothers will be won by lottery, and the "Gabu Gabu x Space Brothers" original goods will be won! Campaign ”is developed. What! It seems that you will win the "Space Brothers Official Blue Suit" (10 people in total) and the "Super Difficult Jigsaw Puzzle" (500 people in total) that appears in the anime. ... what a hell. I want a blue suit! !!

To apply, collect the application tickets printed at the bottom of the package of the target product such as Gabu Gabu Milk Coffee 500 ml, Gabu Gabu Fruit Milk 500 ml, Gabu Gabu Melon Cream Soda 500 ml / 1500 ml, and paste it on a special postcard or postcard that can be downloaded from the campaign site. You can do it by filling in the items.

The campaign period is from mid-September 2012 to January 31, 2013 (effective postmark on the day). The campaign site will be released from September 3rd ♪