What comes to your mind when you hear 1997?

Divorce between Seiko Matsuda and Masaki Kanda? Sake demon rose case? 5% consumption tax? Microsoft and Apple partnership? Princess Diana's accidental death? Yakult victory? Evangelion Movie version?

Even if you give these topics to people in their teens and twenties, maybe? ?? ?? I'm sure you'll have a nice face. 1997 was 15 years ago.

However, only "ONE PIECE", which started serialization in 1997, is exceptional. We have a wide range of fans from teens to 50s. The total circulation of comics is 260 million. It is calculated that every Japanese person has an average of 2 books.

A cake with the motif of "ONE PIECE", "ONE PIECE Dream Dezamori Thousand Sunny" has appeared.

"ONE PIECE Dream Design Thousand Sunny"
I want to get the bowl alone

The Thousand Sunny bowl contains two types of cake, chocolate cake and mandarin orange cake. The chocolate cake in front of the bowl is topped with matcha cream, whipped cream, and fruits.

Chocolate cake

The mandarin orange cake at the back of the bowl is topped with mandarin oranges. There is a custard pudding in the middle.

Tangerine cake

If you eat using the included Luffy and Chopper forks, you can enjoy the world of "ONE PIECE" even more.

This cake is available for pre-order on the official Bandai shopping site "Premium Bandai" from 11:00 on July 26, 2012. The price is 4,500 yen including shipping. It will be delivered around September 2012.

By letting you eat it, it will be a sweeter meal !!