It's interesting to get a glimpse of the lives of others, such as programs that look at the dinner of neighbors and special features on "bag contents" in magazines. What if it was the beginning of the day?

"Breakfast / Breakfast / Breakfast" released by Gakken Marketing on June 17 is a book planned by Calbee and edited by Gakken Publishing under the theme of "Breakfast for Everyone". The book summarizes 21 episodes of breakfast for a wide range of people, including students living alone, ordinary households, and athletes.

"Breakfast / Breakfast / Breakfast" / Calbee Co., Ltd.
"Breakfast / Breakfast / Breakfast" / Calbee Co., Ltd.

In the chapter "Breakfast for Someone", restaurants that serve breakfast and Ritsumeikan University, which is a hot topic for "100 yen breakfast", are highlighted. For example, Chef Sato of Keio Plaza Hotel Super Buffet Glass Court said, "Breakfast is what you eat to spend the day well," he said, and he said that he was particular about the number of items and the method of serving, and he had breakfast for more than 20 years for those who work in Tsukiji. Mr. Ishizuka of "Tonkatsu Yachiyo" who continues to make, vows to serve breakfast that does not change even if he moves to Toyosu. You'll want to visit a place that is a source of energy for someone.

By the way, Calbee has a strong image of snacks, but since 1988, it has been in the serial business, and among them, the fruit granola "Frugra" is gaining popularity mainly among women. However, the company's chairman, Matsumoto, hasn't eaten breakfast for decades. It is also interesting to meet the American fruit granola that changed that habit, and the interview at the end of the book, which talks about the enthusiasm for breakfast, saying, "Because 80% and 90% of people eat breakfast, what they eat is important." ..

As I read it, I myself remembered the rice balls that my mother made on important mornings such as club activities competitions and entrance exams, and my heart became hot. Knowing each feeling at the beginning of the day may lead to new discoveries.