At the shopping center "Yokohama Hakurankan" (Yokohama City, Yokohama Chinatown) that opened last year, the event "Yokohama Hakurankan Ice Festa 2014", where you can enjoy ice cream for a limited time, started on June 2.

Odaiba limited "funny parfait" is coming to Yokohama!
Odaiba limited "funny parfait" is coming to Yokohama!

This event is held under the theme of "Gather in Yokohama, the birthplace of ice cream !!".

The highlight menu is the "Funny Parfait" offered at the Yokohama Snack Factory on the 2nd floor. Usually, this menu is sold only at Morinaga & Co.'s antenna shop "Funny Okashiya Odaiba". Soft serve ice cream can be topped with sweets such as "chocolate balls" and "oops". In addition to "three sets" (430 yen including tax) where you can choose from three types of sweets, "all sets" (430 yen including tax) is available only at the museum. It is said that 580 yen) is also on sale. In addition, a limited menu will appear before the summer vacation.

In addition, Vietnamese sweets "Che" (1st floor Kaikaro) and "Yokohama Bashamichi Ice" (1st floor Expo Hall Market), which is the image of ice cream that first appeared in Japan, are available for a limited time. ..

The event will be held until August 31st.