Some people have made "Hiyashi chuka " instead of "Kyaraben". It's also quite high quality .

@CocoAmi_uetsuki, a staff member of the hat shop "Coco & Ami", created "Character Hiyashi Chuka" by Yusuke Makishima, a character from the popular manga "Yowamushi Pedal". The photos posted on Twitter with the comment "I made chilled Chinese" have gained popularity, and about 4,000 retweets have been received.

Maki-chan's "Chilled Chinese" is too high quality
Maki-chan's "Chilled Chinese" is too high quality

Makishima's characteristic green hair is expressed with finely chopped cucumbers, but the fineness of making two types of shreds, only the skin and the contents! It seems that the red color that you can glimpse is red pickled ginger.

The uniform I'm wearing is the Sohoku jersey at the time of the Inter-High. It is said that it is expressed as lightly baked eggs and vermicelli. In addition, the tomatoes have a red shoulder line and the shape is adjusted.

The skin is ham and the expression is seaweed. The sagging eyes and moles are also beautifully reproduced, and it just growls "amazing". Even if you don't know Yowamushi Pedal, you will be amazed at this quality.

Since I made this with chilled Chinese instead of bento, I feel the love for Makishima as well as the love for chilled Chinese. It's delicious, chilled Chinese.