"KAKIGORI CAFE & BAR yelo", a "new sensation" shaved ice cafe bar specializing in shaved ice menus, will open in Roppongi, Tokyo on April 1st.

Shaved ice is a wonderful dessert !!
Shaved ice is a wonderful dessert !!

The shaved ice offered at the store is made by combining finely carved "pure ice" with homemade syrup using vegetables and fruits, and adding a milk-based "special sauce". By thoroughly controlling the temperature of ice, you can enjoy a soft and comfortable melting in the mouth.

If you choose your favorite flavor of shaved ice, you can add toppings such as azuki jelly and sauce arranged with yogurt or mascarpone cheese, and you can arrange it freely.

The shaved ice menu is as follows.

Tiramisu 800 yen Caramel 800 yen Strawberry milk 850 yen Mango lassi 850 yen
4 kinds of berries 900 yen Organic carrot mascarpone 900 yen Avocado mascarpone 900 yen Cafe au lait 750 yen Chai 750 yen Matcha 850 yen