Ministop "Dream Combo - Shirokuma & Mango

Ministop "Dream Combo - Shirokuma & Mango"

- "Dream Combo - Shirokuma & Mango" will be available at Ministop stores from July 21. The price is 588 yen (635.04 yen including tax).

Dream Combo -


& Mango
Ministop "Dream Combo - Shirokuma & Mango

The "Dream Combo - Shirokuma & Mango" is a sweet that combines ripe mango and "Shirokuma" shaved ice. Based on the concept of Kagoshima's "Shirokuma," it is topped with mandarin orange, pineapple, azuki bean and red cube jelly, and a generous amount of mango pulp, making it a perfect match with shaved ice topped with condensed milk-flavored syrup.

In addition, if you register the Ministop application, obtain and present the coupon, you can purchase the "Dream Combo - Shirokuma & Mango" for 80 yen off of the regular price. The coupon is valid from July 21 to August 3.

Prices are shown at the reduced tax rate of 8%, which applies to take-out. The standard tax rate of 10% applies when eating and drinking at the eat-in space. When purchased as a single item, the price including tax will be rounded down to the nearest whole number.