At the Shiseido Parlor Ginza Main Store and Isetan Shinjuku Store, three types of "pure white" special sweets for White Day will be on sale for a limited time from March 1st to 14th.

White sweets like powder snow!
White sweets like powder snow!

Three products, "white pudding," "white roll cake," and "white eclair," will be released this time. All are made using white yolk eggs (hereinafter referred to as white eggs).

"White pudding" is a "special version" for White Day of Shiseido Parlor's traditional "Custard pudding". Using white egg yolk, it is slowly baked at low temperature. It seems that you can enjoy a smooth mouthfeel and a rich taste. The price is 451 yen.

"White roll cake" is a sponge cake made by rolling two layers of special custard cream and fresh cream using white eggs. The sponge dough, which is a mixture of white eggs and rice flour, is said to have a fluffy and fluffy texture. The price is 546 yen.

"White eclair" is a choux pastry made by combining rice flour and white eggs with strong flour and stuffing it with a special custard cream using white eggs. It is decorated with pure white "fondant". It seems that the refreshing orange liqueur has a faint scent. The price is 367 yen.