Fujiya will release three products with the motif of "strawberry", "Strawberry Daifuku Milky Bag", "Country Ma'am (Strawberry Daifuku)" and "Look (Strawberry Daifuku)" on December 3rd.

"Ichigo Daifuku Milky Bag" is a milky image of Japanese sweets "Ichigo Daifuku". The white milky on the outside has a two-layer structure that wraps the milky with strawberry juice and freeze-dried red beans on the inside. It is a "Japanese-style milky" for a limited time, where you can enjoy the elegant taste of strawberries and azuki beans. The estimated price is 210 yen.

"Country Ma'am (Ichigo Daifuku)" is a limited-time flavor of Country Ma'am created by expressing "Ichigo Daifuku". Sweet and sour strawberry juice is kneaded into the dough, and chocolate chips, strawberry chocolate chips, and red bean paste are added. The estimated price is 315 yen.

"Look (Strawberry Great Battle)" is a chocolate made with the image of a dessert using two kinds of strawberries, "Amaou" and "Tochiotome". "Amaou chocolate" that expresses strawberry mousse contains Amaou sauce and Amaou mousse. "Tochiotome chocolate", which expresses a strawberry shortcake, contains Tochiotome sauce and fresh cream mousse. The estimated price is 105 yen.