Fujiya "Chocolat Wafer Bag".

Chocolat Wafer Bag


will release a chocolate-filled wafer chocolate "Chocolat Wafer Bag" on September 26, 2012. 12 pieces (individually wrapped), open price.


Wefers Bag Chocolat Wefers is a sister product to Fujiya's long-selling Heart Chocolate, a five-layer wafers chocolate that is made with a chocolate chocolate filling that is a perfect match for the chocolate in the heart of the wefers. The package is designed with a spade, the symbolic pattern of aristocrats, with the hope of "making the snack time of the person who eats it more elegant.

Fujiya "Chocolat Wafer Bag".

Two layers of chocolate cream are sandwiched between three layers of wafers, which are then coated with smooth milk chocolate. It also features a pleasant crunchy texture. The stick shape is designed to be eaten in two or three bites. The individually wrapped sticks keep hands clean of chocolate, making them perfect for handouts.

Fujiya "Chocolat Wafer Bag".

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