The 2014 Zodiac "horse" -themed whiskey "Suntory Whiskey Royal [Horse] Bottle" and "Suntory Whiskey Old [Horse] Label" will be released on November 5th.
"Horse" design whiskey
"Horse" design whiskey

The "Royal [Horse Year] Bottle" is a ceramic bottle designed with the image of a running horse. Each one is painted by a craftsman, and it is said to be popular as a collection item. The price is 7,000 yen.

On the other hand, the "Old [Horse Age] Label" is based on a golden color and features Mt. Fuji and Hakuba, where the bright red sun rises. The price is 1,680 yen.

The "Zodiac series" with the motif of the zodiac is popular as a "year-end tradition", and it is said that this year will be the 32nd year. Many people use it as a lucky gift for winter gifts.

It will be sold in limited quantities at Suntory's online shop "e-liquor" and mass retailers nationwide.