The Institute for Marine Exploration, Remote Exploration, and Biogeography (ORB Lab) at the University of Delaware in the United States has caught sharks eating sharks and posted their photos on the institute's Facebook page.

Shark eating shark
Shark eating shark

ORB Lab caught a white shark about 90 cm in length. However, a large shark called a sand tiger shark bites on this smooth shark, and as a result, ORB Lab is dressed as a white tiger shark for bait.

The ORB Lab explains why he was fishing for sharks that day:

"We were trying to catch a shark with a tag attached last year. The tag stores valuable data showing the shark's underwater activity records since it was attached to the shark."

However, the white sharks that ate the food they set up were not tagged sharks.

"This unfortunate white shark did not seem to resist the temptation to eat the prey Menharden, and unfortunately became the prey of the strongest predators in Delaware Bay."

It is said that the caught shark died soon. However, the sand tiger shark was fine and was returned to the sea after being tagged to track its activity records.

It is said that the photos released this time had a great deal of access, which can be said to be unusual for those released by university research institutes. Many comments have been received, and those who praise its rarity, such as "It should be on the cover of National Geographic," stand out. There were also humorous things such as "This is like a shark matryoshka."