When you hear "old meat," how old do you think of it? Isn't it about a week past the expiration date at best? However, it is said that chicken thighs, which expired 46 years ago, were sold at grocery stores in China. The British media The Telegraph reports .

Chicken thighs 46 years ago were sold at a grocery store in China (the photo is an image).
Chicken thighs 46 years ago were sold at a grocery store in China (the photo is an image).

Police in the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region of China arrested a group of criminals in an underground network of foodstuffs and seized a large amount of foodstuffs, the media reported, and found that they contained surprisingly old foodstuffs. It is said that it was done. The oldest of these was chicken thighs, which expired in 1967.

According to a statement by the criminal group, they used chemicals such as hydrogen peroxide to disguise overdue chicken as white, large thighs. Using this technique, it is possible to disguise an old meat weighing about 1 kg as "fresh meat" weighing 1.5 kg. The Telegraph reports that police seized a total of 22 tonnes of expired meat.

This is not the first time food fraud has come to light in China. In May of this year, it became a problem that a restaurant in Shanghai offered rat, mink, and fox meat to customers by pretending to be "lambs."

The Telegraph is surprised that the chicken found this time is "the same age as the debut albums of Doors and Pink Floyd."

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