Lotteria will release "Hot Sandwich (Strawberry Custard Cream)" and "Mentai Tartar Shrimp Burger" in March to commemorate the release of HKT48's debut single on March 20th, based in Fukuoka and Hakata. It will be on sale for a limited time from the 9th.

The "Hot Sandwich (Strawberry Custard Cream)" that will be released this time is a one-handed menu that uses HKT48-inspired spring-like strawberry jam and popular custard cream. The price is 230 yen.

On the other hand, "Mentai Tartar Shrimp Burger" is based on Lotteria's popular signboard product "Shrimp Burger" and uses "Mentai Mayo Sauce" using mentaiko, which is familiar in Hakata. Fish sauce and anchovy sauce were added to the secret flavor to create a deep flavor. The price is 330 yen.

HKT48 members also tasted the new menu, and for "Hot Sandwich", "It might be good to eat on the way home from school" and "Crispy outside, fluffy inside !!". Regarding "Mentai Tartar Shrimp Burger", he commented, "It's the first time I've tasted Mentai! It's really ant!"