Dom Dom hamburger "Menta thick roasted egg burger"
(* The source of the image is Dom Dom hamburger official website)

It was announced on the official website that "Menta Thick Grilled Egg Burger" will be released from Dom Dom Hamburger. It will be on sale from January 23rd.

A variation of the popular Dom Dom hamburger menu "Handmade thick-grilled egg burger". Thick roe with moist and fluffy soup stock is combined with mentaiko, which has a crushed texture that goes well with it. When you take a bite of the heat, the large leaves sandwiched between them give off a refreshing scent.

The traditional thick-grilled egg burger with the usual mustard mayonnaise will continue to be on sale, and you can enjoy eating and comparing it together.

In addition to the single item, the Meita thick-grilled egg burger is available in the "S set" with "potato fries S" and "drink S", and the "M set" with "potato fries M" and "drink M". Will be done. The selling price is as follows. All notations include tax. You can also To go for the same amount.

・ Single item 400 yen ・ S set 680 yen ・ M set 760 yen

As a general rule, it is handled at Dom Dom hamburgers nationwide, with the exception of some stores. "Asakusa Hanayashiki store" sells only single items, and "Raffle Hatsuoi store", "Tsunoe FC store", "Kojima FC store" and "Haraoshima FC store" do not handle single items.