The world is a healthy food boom. It's fast food, it's oily, it's all-you-can-drink ... I wonder if many people return to me that they should have a diet that hurts their stomach and liver every day and night. It's too late after I'm sick ... However, if you are busy, you will not be able to eat healthy food. I don't have much time. Hmmm, a dilemma.

Brown rice is a healthy food that you can easily eat even in such a busy schedule. It's very easy to turn the white rice you usually eat into brown rice or mix it with white rice. It is not uncommon for shops targeting female customers to choose brown rice instead of white rice. Brown rice, which is rich in nutrients and high in dietary fiber, can be said to be a healthy food for modern people.

However, brown rice doesn't cook well. If you don't use a pressure cooker, you can't cook like white rice. It's difficult to eat, but it takes time ... In response to these needs, Japan Kneader has released the "Brown Rice Germinater", which makes it easy to make highly nutritious germinated brown rice at home.

It will germinate in 24 hours!
It will germinate in 24 hours!

Once germinated, brown rice can be cooked in the same way as white rice with a regular rice cooker without using a pressure cooker. In addition, the enzyme that was sleeping works by germination, and the glutamic acid contained in brown rice is changed to "γ-aminobutyric acid" (commonly known as GABA). Indeed, germination not only makes rice cooking easier, but also increases nutrition! Then there is no way not to germinate!

Silver ions are kneaded into this brown rice germinator and resin brown rice container, and a copper container and a copper drop lid are added. The "W ion effect" of silver ions and copper ions is adopted, and it is realized without the need for water exchange on the way. The odor of brown rice germinated by the W ion effect is also suppressed, and the odor peculiar to brown rice is also reduced.

The price is 9,450 yen (tax included). It's not cheap, but it would be a good purchase if you can eat brown rice every day. It would be convenient to have one in the family.