The most delicious brand rice ranking

From the goo ranking, "the most delicious brand rice ranking" was announced. Under the theme of "branded rice" produced all over the country, we surveyed and ranked which branded rice many people think is the most delicious. (The aggregation period is from October 2, 2021 to October 16, 2021).

The most delicious brand rice ranking

3rd place "Yumepirika"

"Yumepirika" is widely known as brand rice from Hokkaido. It is a variety that has been improved many times to cope with the cool climate of Hokkaido, which is the production area, and is supported by a wide range of generations in "sensory evaluation" that evaluates foods by taste and smell.

Yumepirika is characterized by its lustrous and beautifully cooked, rich sweetness and strong taste. It has a high water content and is a low-amylose variety that is particularly sticky among Hokkaido rice, so it is delicious even when cooled and is suitable for rice balls and bento boxes.

2nd place "Akitakomachi"

"Akitakomachi" was born in 1984 as a brand rice representing Akita prefecture. The brand is named after the poet Ono no Komachi in the Heian period, and the wish is that it will be loved for a long time as delicious rice grown in Akita.

What is attractive is the good aroma and the brilliant transparency of the cooked food. Umami and richness also exceed the average value of all varieties recommended by Akita Prefecture, and have been repeatedly selected as the highest rated "Special A" in the "Rice Taste Ranking" sponsored by the Japan Grain Inspection Association. It is a variety that is now widely produced outside Akita prefecture, probably because of its stable quality and yield.

1st place "Koshihikari"

Koshihikari is a brand of rice that was born in 1944 at the Niigata Prefectural Agricultural Experiment Station and was designated as a recommended variety in Niigata Prefecture for the first time in Japan. Produced nationwide except Hokkaido and Okinawa, it has maintained the top position for many years in terms of production by variety.

It is characterized by its fluffy finish and chewy texture when chewed, and is highly evaluated for its good aroma and unique sweetness. Lightly seasoned Japanese food, especially rice that goes well with fish dishes. It was named "To be a cultivar that shines in Koshi no Kuni" and is now widely loved all over the country.