Kentucky Fried Chicken "Anniversary Pack".

Kentucky Fried Chicken "

Anniversary Pack" Kentucky Fried Chicken will offer the "Anniversary Pack" from June 5 to July 4, 2012. Excluding some stores, delivery is not available.


Anniversary Pack

July 4 is the anniversary of KFC Japan's founding. As a token of our gratitude, the "Founders' Anniversary Pack" will be on sale, offering KFC's signature products at a discount price.

KFC first arrived in Japan at the Osaka Expo in March 1970, and KFC Japan was founded on July 4, 1970, Independence Day, as a tribute to KFC's hometown in the United States. At the time, few people in Japan knew about fried chicken, and sales of "Original Chicken" were not good. However, with a strong confidence that such a delicious product could not fail to sell, KFC gradually gained support for its original taste, which was inherited from Colonel Sanders, and it has become a product loved by many people.

The "Anniversary Pack" contains three pieces of KFC's signature "Original Chicken," one piece of "Kernel Crispy," which originated in KFC Japan, and "Potato (S)," which has been adjusted with just the right amount of saltiness and thickness to enhance the taste of the "Original Chicken," making it the perfect item to celebrate KFC's founding. A product packed with menu items. At a stacking price of 1,510 yen, it is available for 990 yen, a savings of 520 yen (all prices include tax).

Kentucky Fried Chicken "Anniversary Pack".

The "Founders' Day Commemorative Pack" includes 2 fries (S), 2 cookies, 2 pieces of kernel crispy, 2 pieces of chocolate pie, or 2 pieces of coleslaw (S) for only 390 yen each, as many as you like.

Kentucky Fried Chicken "Anniversary Pack".

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