KFC Smoked Chicken
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2023 Christmas Menu Reservations Begin November 2

Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) will begin accepting online reservations for its 2023 Christmas menu on November 2. More details on the menu will follow as soon as KFC provides further information.

▼ Last year's (2022) KFC Christmas menu can be found here:
Kentucky Christmas menu is now available for reservation! 200 yen discount on "Party Barrel" with "Xmas Early Bird Discount" and more!

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Christmas Campaign

KFC's Christmas Campaign

According to the official KFC website, KFC Japan started its Christmas campaign in 1974. One theory is that foreigners living in Japan at the time could not get turkey, so they ate KFC's fried chicken instead.

Another is that a store manager dressed up as Santa Claus at an event and was so pleased with the response that he thought, "Here's my chance! He decided to launch a campaign. The campaign was well received by customers, and "fried chicken at Christmas" became firmly established.

KFC Party Barrel

KFC Party Barrel
Last year's (2022) party barrel

The "Party Barrel" is a product that symbolizes KFC's Christmas. The barrel contains original chicken, gratin, and cake, making it possible to create a beautiful Christmas table with just one barrel.

Since cold air flows down and warm air flows up, the cold dessert is placed in the bottom of the barrel, and the warm chicken is placed in the top with a partition between the two. This way, the warm chicken and cold dessert can be served together. Incidentally, the design of the party barrel package and the picture plate are different every year.

KFC Christmas Chicken

In addition to the "Original Chicken,"


is offering a variety of Christmas-only products. The "Barbecue Chicken" is a juicy roasted chicken thigh with a mild BBQ sauce that is easy for children to eat. Chicken Tender" is a crispy fried chicken breast with garlic and soy sauce flavors that will leave a lasting impression. Smoked Chicken has been a long-seller since 1974, and its long shelf life makes it an ideal souvenir for the year-end and New Year's holidays.

KFC Christmas Chicken Barbecue Chicken
barbecue chicken

KFC Christmas Chicken Chicken Tenders
chicken tenders

KFC Christmas Chicken Smoked Chicken
smoked chicken

At KFC, "we prepare for Christmas all year round," and it is such a big event. We are looking forward to seeing what products will be released this year! Please wait for further details.

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▼ Last year's (2022) KFC Christmas menu is here:
Kentucky Christmas menu reservations are now open! Party Barrel" with 200 yen discount with "Xmas Early Bird Discount" and more!