Kentucky Fried Chicken "Father's Day 9 Piece Barrel".

Kentucky Fried

Chicken "Father'

s Day 9 Piece Barrel" Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurants will sell "Father's Day 9 Piece Barrel" for three days only from June 14 to June 16.


's Day 9 Piece Barrel On Sunday, June 16th, which is Father's Day, KFC will be offering a Father's Day 9 Piece Barrel for three days only to show your appreciation to your father.

The Father's Day 9 Piece Barrel is a hearty 9 pieces of Original Chicken in a barrel (KFC's original barrel-shaped package). Seasoned with 11 secret herbs and spices and slowly deep-fried in a pressure cooker, the Original Chicken is cooked one by one in the store. This is KFC's signature dish that will satisfy even the most gourmet of fathers.

Kentucky Fried Chicken "Father's Day 9 Piece Barrel".

The 9-piece Original Chicken Barrel is priced at 2,790 yen, a savings of 500 yen. When you purchase the Father's Day 9 Piece Barrel, you can get any number of the following for 390 yen each: 2 fries (S), 2 cookies, 2 pieces of Kernel Crispy, 2 pieces of Choco Pie, or 2 pieces of coleslaw (S). Add "Kernel Crispy" with its crispy batter and gutsy, savory garlic soy sauce flavor, or "Potato" with its attractive crunchy potato texture, and you have a gift that your father will love.

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