Kentucky Fried Chicken "The American Burger".

Kentucky Fried Chicken "The American Burgers" & New Side Menu

Three types of "The American Burgers" and a new side menu (fries, sweets, and drinks) will be available at Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurants on May 29. Limited quantities will be available, and sales will end as soon as they are gone.

The American


are authentic burgers with a "retro American" feel that can be enjoyed to the fullest. The limited-edition "Retro American" design of the paper bag, cups, and other packaging materials will give the burger a good old-fashioned American feel, just like when KFC was founded.

Bacon Filet Burger with Smoky Tomato Sauce

A wild combination of KFC's signature boneless Kentucky and thick-cut bacon. The juiciness of the chicken filet and thick-cut bacon is combined with a special smoky tomato sauce that is a perfect match to make this an attractive dish. Priced at 540 yen, set 950 yen, and well-priced set 1,250 yen (tax included, same as below).

Kentucky Fried Chicken "The American Burger".

Onion Fillet Burger with Garlic Sauce

A hearty, boneless Kentucky burger with an onion ring sandwiched in between. The pepper-scented special garlic sauce and sliced cheese make it even more appetizing. Prices are 540 yen, 950 yen for the set, and 1,250 yen for the well-done set.

Kentucky Fried Chicken "The American Burger".

Onion Fillet Burger with Garlic Sauce

The "awesome meat" that became a hot topic last year with its shocking concept of sandwiching two chicken fillets in place of a bun is making a comeback in an American style. Onion rings and sliced cheese are sandwiched between two boneless Kentucky buns, giving it a hefty weight and an overwhelming presence when held in the hand. Special sauce with garlic and pepper flavors, mayo sauce, and sliced cheese are sandwiched in between to keep you satisfied until the very end. Priced at 790 yen, set 1,200 yen, and well set 1,500 yen.

Kentucky Fried Chicken "The American Burger".

Fritto Fries (Sour Cream Onion)

A new flavor of the classic fries with the refreshing sourness of sour cream and the delicious taste of onion. Priced at 320 yen.

Kentucky Fried Chicken "Fries (Sour Cream Onion)

Almond Apple Pie

A recreation of the classic American diner apple pie. The cinnamon-infused apple filling is combined with richly flavored almond cream and wrapped in a crispy pie. The price is 290 yen.

Kentucky Fried Chicken "Almond Apple Pie".

Cranberry Lemonade Soda

: Inspired by cranberry juice, a popular drink in the United States. It is made with North American cranberry syrup and has a fruity sweetness and tartness. The price is 300 yen. No soda is also available.

Kentucky Fried Chicken "Cranberry Lemonade Soda

The "Fries S" and "Drink M" of each burger set can be changed to "Frilly Fries (Sour Cream Onion)" and "Cranberry Lemonade Soda (no soda available)" for +30 yen each.
* Some stores may not sell these items.
* Prices differ for delivery.

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