Kentucky Fried Chicken "Frilly Crispy".

Kentucky Fried Chicken "

Frilly Crispy" Kentucky Fried Chicken "Frilly Crispy" will be available at Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurants on May 15. Since the quantity is limited, sales will end as soon as the product is gone.



KFC's popular side dish, "Kernel Crispy," loved by men and women of all ages, has a savory garlic soy sauce flavor and crunchy texture. A new product that fans of KFC's "Kernel Crispy" should try is now available in limited quantities.

The "Frilly Crispy" is a fun to shake and delicious to eat product that is made by placing the "Kernel Crispy" and Frilly Spice together in a bag and "flipping" it to taste. There are two types of Frisbee Spice in the lineup: "Cheese" and "Nori-Salt". Both go perfectly with the crunchy texture of the Kernel Crispy. You can choose the one that best suits your mood, or compare both.

Kentucky Fried Chicken "Frilly Crispy".

The "Cheese" is made with Emmentaler cheese, also known as the "king of cheeses," and its rich flavor will whet your appetite. It is recommended to eat it as it is or enjoy it as a snack with alcoholic beverages.

Kentucky Fried Chicken "Frilly Crispy".

The "Norishio" has an addictive taste with a perfect balance of rich seaweed flavor and saltiness. It is also a perfect snack when you are hungry.

Kentucky Fried Chicken "Frilly Crispy".

The "Original Chicken" is also available as a side in KFC's popular "Tokutoku Pack," which allows you to enjoy a combination of the "Original Chicken" and your favorite side for a special price. For an additional 30 yen per side, you can choose "Frilly Crispy".

Frilly Crispy (Cheese) 320 yen
[Kernel Crispy, Frilly Spice (Cheese)]

[Kernel Crispy, Frilly Spice (Nori-Salt) 320 yen
[Kernel Crispy, Frilly Spice (Nori-Salt)]

[Kernel Crispy, Frilly Spice (Cheese) 30 yen
[Frilly Spice (Nori-Salt) 30 yen
Kernel Crispy 290 yen

* Some stores may not sell this product.
* Prices vary for delivery.

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