May 28th release】Summary of FamilyMart's new sweets

FamilyMart's new sweets to be released on May

28th FamilyMart's new sweets to be released on May 28th will be introduced. The new items include "Strawberry Milk Parfait" and "Akagi TABERU Ranch Muscat".

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* Prices include tax
* May not be available in all stores and regions.

Strawberry Miruku Parfait

FamilyMart "Strawberry Miruku Parfait

A hearty parfait with strawberry miruku pudding, strawberry sauce, and strawberry cream, allowing you to enjoy strawberries to the fullest. The price is 328 yen.

Macaron Sandwich Strawberry Milk

FamilyMart "Macaron Sandwich Strawberry Milk

A hearty macaron with two kinds of cream (milk and strawberry) and strawberry sauce squeezed into the center. The price is 260 yen.

Cream Waffle

FamilyMart "Cream Waffle

Waffle filled with cream using fresh Hokkaido cream. Price: 260 yen. Only available at FamilyMart. Not available in Miyazaki and Kagoshima Prefectures.

Tamagotchi Manmaru Yaki

FamilyMart "Tamagotchi Manmaru Yaki

The "Tamagotchi" round baked cake. The cream inside is milk flavor, and there are 9 kinds of branding and stickers (the combination of branding and stickers is random). The price is 230 yen. Limited to Family Mart.

Frozen White Peach and Black Tea Tart

FamilyMart "Frozen White Peach and Black Tea Tart

A black tea mousse made with Earl Grey tea leaves is layered on top of the tart dough, and topped with white peaches in syrup. It can be eaten frozen. Price: 278 yen.

Strawberry Millefeuille

to be eaten frozen
FamilyMart "Frozen Strawberry Millefeuille

Mille-feuille with custard cream and frozen strawberry dice sandwiched in a crispy pie. It can be eaten frozen. Price: 288 yen.

Akagi Tabelu Ranch Muscat

FamilyMart "Akagi: TABERU Ranch Muscat

The top layer is milk ice cream made with Hokkaido milk and fresh cream, and the bottom layer is muscat sorbet. Muscat sauce is used on the top layer of ice cream, and muscat jelly is used in the middle layer, allowing you to enjoy the change in texture and taste. Priced at 248 yen. Limited to FamilyMart and in limited quantities.

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