Delicious Japanese dumplings

Good news, gyoza lovers!

From April 26 to May 6, **"Craft Gyoza Fest 2024"** will be held at Komazawa Olympic Park Central Square.

Twenty-eight carefully selected stores from all over Japan will open their stores and offer a variety of unique gyoza. In addition to the standard baked gyoza and sui-gyoza, you can enjoy original gyoza such as gyoza with cheese, beef tongue gyoza, and arrabbiata gyoza. One bite of the gyoza will leave you surprised and impressed!

Craft gyoza are the ultimate in gyoza, with craftsmen's attention to detail in everything from the skin to the bean paste and sauce. They look and taste exceptional and are truly works of art**.

At the festival, visitors can compare as many as 28 different kinds of crafted gyoza. From the standard grilled dumplings to dumplings with innovative ideas, you are sure to find a dumpling that suits your taste.

Good news for beer lovers, too!

In addition to gyoza, we have a full lineup of beers and other drinks that go well with gyoza. Enjoy a blissful time with family and friends.
Admission is free, so everyone is welcome to attend. How about Craft Gyoza Fest 2024 for your Golden Week outing?

Event Summary

Period: April 26 - May 6, 2024
Location: Komazawa Olympic Park Central Square
Access: (0oz)hG7jD3iKNGKH4&hl=en_ US
Official website:


  • 28 stores carefully selected from all over Japan will open their stores.
  • Enjoy a wide variety of gyoza, from classic to creative
  • A wide variety of food such as special fried rice and fried dumplings
  • A wide variety of drinks such as craft beer and highballs
  • Admission is free and open to everyone
  • Perfect for a Golden Week getaway!
  • Have the best gyoza experience at Craft Gyoza Fest 2024! Check out the official website now for more information.
Official website:

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Please allow plenty of time for your visit as crowds are expected.
Smoking is not allowed in the venue.
Please take your garbage with you.
For more details, please visit the official website.
Come and join us at Craft Gyoza Fest 2024 and experience a world of gyoza you have never tasted before! An exquisite moment** awaits you that will stimulate your senses!