Recipe "Kitsune Gyoza"

Why don't you change Gyoza today? Here are three "Gyoza recipes" that the En-eating editorial department actually made and found to be delicious. "Radish Gyozaya" and "Fox Gyozaya". * Click each recipe name link to jump to the detailed recipe page.

Radish Gyoza

Have you ever thought about making dumplings but inadvertently forgot to buy dumpling skins? In such a case, if you have a radish in your house, you can make "Radish Gyoza"! It will be a very delicious snack.

Recipe "Radish Gyoza"

The daikon radish, which is soft but still crunchy, and the soft texture of plump and juicy meat. Thanks to the radish, you can enjoy it more freshly and refreshingly. The scent of sesame oil is also appetizing!

Fox Gyoza

"Fox Gyoza " with the ingredients wrapped in aburaage is very delicious! Not only a side dish of white rice, but also beer and highball are perfect!

Recipe "Kitsune Gyoza"

The fluffy and fragrant meat and the meat inside are fluffy and juicy! The sweetness of the oil and the gravy that overflows as you chew bring happiness to your mouth. Insanely good ...! Give me a beer!

Rose dumplings

Introducing the recipe "Rose dumplings " with waza-ari that makes the dining table gorgeous! It looks flashy, but it's easier than making the usual gyoza folds, so why not try it for dinner on a special occasion?

Recipe "rose dumplings"

Juicy meat umami wrapped in crispy and fragrant skin. The plump meat is squeezed all at once, so the texture is different from the usual Gyoza, and the volume of each piece is three times as much as usual. Enjoy the gravy that overflows in your mouth the moment you bite into it.