Hotto Motto "Selected Black Vinegar Sweet & Snack Pork Lunchbox" and "Hui Koro Lunchbox" (claypot meat with lots of meat)

Hotto M

otto "Selected Black Vinegared

Pork Vinegar Bento" and "Hui K

oro-Bento Full of Meat" Hotto Motto will release "Selected Black Vinegared Pork Vinegar Bento" and "Hui Koro-Bento Full of Meat" on February 22 (Wednesday), 2012, which allow customers to enjoy popular Chinese dishes.

The "Selected Black Vinegar Vinegared Pork Lunchbox


features deep-fried pork thigh meat, brightly colored green peppers and onions, and a sweet and sour sauce that lingers in the mouth. The sauce is made with two kinds of carefully selected rice black vinegar to express deep richness and mild sourness. Apple juice is used to add a fruity sweetness.

Hotto Motto "Selected Black Vinegared Sweet & Snack Pork Lunchbox

The pork thigh meat and vegetables are cut into large pieces, making it a satisfying dish. You can enjoy the flavor of the meat and the crunchy texture of the vegetables. The sweet-and-sour pork with original sauce goes well with rice. The price is 590 yen (tax included).

Hui Korro Bento (


Lunch Box

Full of Meat This year, the "meat is the star" claypot is back again. The rich sauce is made by combining rice miso with bean paste, sweet soy sauce, and bean paste, and adding apple, garlic, and ginger.

Hotto Motto "Hui Koro Lunch Box Full of Meat

The more you chew, the more the flavor of the meat and the cabbage and green peppers are well mixed with the sweet sauce, and the more you eat, the more you are sure to enjoy the dish. The price is 560 yen (tax included).

Not available at Hotto Motto Grill.