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The following


sets, which include a drink, are available.

Ogura Butter Toast Set

: Toast with mashed sweet bean paste and butter. Comes with yogurt. Price is 510 yen. Calorie count is 308kcal.

Morning Plate


Crispy toast and juicy sausage with a drink and salad. Price is 550 yen. The calorie count is 397 kcal.


Sandwich Morning Ham & Tamago

This morning breakfast includes a ham and egg sandwich, drink, salad, and yogurt. Price is 610 yen. The calorie count is 546 kcal.

* Calorie counts vary by region. Calories listed are for the Kanto and Tohoku regions.

Free Wifi/Password

Free Wifi access is available except in some stores. Some stores also have seats with power outlets.


Café de Crié currently operates 191 stores nationwide (breakdown: Hokkaido 4, Tohoku 1, Kanto 96, Tokai 40, Kansai 35, Kyushu/Okinawa 9, Chugoku/Shikoku 6) (as of December 2022). You can search by condition, area, or keyword on the official website.



: Available from January 1, 2023; advance reservations begin on December 1, 2023.

The 2023 Fukubukuro is here! Café de Crié Fukubukuro" containing limited items such as "Drip Coffee Classic Blend" and "Drink Ticket," as well as a premium goodie bag containing Café de Crié Original Pasta Sauce will be available.

In addition, one drink ticket will be given at the store upon purchase as a pre-order bonus from December 1. The "Cafe de Crier Fukubukuro" is priced at 2,500 yen and the "Maison de verre Fukubukuro" at 4,000 yen. Drink tickets can be used only at the store of purchase.

Fukubukuro 2023 "Maison de verre Fukubukuro

Prices, contents, and release dates vary by store.
The end date for advance reservations differs depending on the store.


Café de Criée offers a pasta menu perfect for lunch.

Examples of pasta are as follows. Drink set menus are discounted 50 yen.

Bolognese - Demi-glace sauce - 790 yen Calories 528kcal
Hokkaido scallops in butter soy sauce 790 yen Calories 581kcal
Pork shabu and fried eggplant in Japanese oil sauce 740 yen Calories 609kcal
Neapolitan of a Western restaurant 690 yen Calories 657kcal
Half-boiled egg and 3 kinds Cheese Carbonara 840 yen Calories 666kcal
Hakata Mentaiko with squid and shiso leaves 720 yen Calories 423kcal

* Calories vary by region. Calories listed are for the Kanto and Tohoku regions.

In addition, sandwich and salad menus are available.

The "Melting Chocolate


Cacao~" drink menu features hot chocolate made with 57% cacao chocolate and milk, topped with whipped topping and thinly shaved, melt-in-your-mouth chocolate. The melt-in-your-mouth texture is like raw chocolate, and you can enjoy the robust flavor of cacao.

Cafe de Crié "Melting Chocolate - 57% cacao

The chocolate topping can be melted while drinking for an even richer taste. Priced at 490 yen, available from January 11.

*The drink portion is made with 57% cacao chocolate and finished with milk.

Rich gateau chocolat - 57% cacao


The dessert menu "Rich gateau chocolat - 57% cacao" is a rich gateau chocolat that contains three times as much chocolate as the standard "Belgian chocolate cake. It is made with 57% cacao chocolate, giving it a rich, robust cacao flavor.

Rich gateau chocolat ~57% cacao

The top surface is glazed with chocolate and topped with whipped topping and freeze-dried strawberries. We recommend pairing the rich flavor of the gateau chocolat with a deep, rich blend of coffee.

Price is 490 yen. 30 yen discount for drink set menu; available from January 11.


Mushroom Cream with Smoked Bacon

This pasta dish is made with mushrooms and porcini, and focuses on the aroma and smoothness of mushrooms. Smoked bacon is added for extra flavor. For an additional 110 yen, you can also change to 50% off sugar fettuccine noodles with a chunky texture.

Pasta with smoked bacon and mushroom cream

The price is 790 yen. 50 yen discount for drink set menu; available from January 11.

Strawberry White Ch


Iced Strawberry White Chocolat

A dessert drink perfect for the festive holiday season, inspired by strawberry sweets covered with white chocolate. Hokkaido milk is combined with strawberry puree and white chocolate to create a mild, sweet, and melt-in-your-mouth experience.

Cafe de Crié "Strawberry White Chocolat" and "Iced Strawberry White Chocolat

The whipped cream is topped with freeze-dried strawberries, strawberry puree, and white chocolate sauce. The sweet and sour taste of strawberries and the gentle sweetness of white chocolate can be felt with each sip.

Priced from 490 yen each and released on November 16.

Ginger-Scented Creamy Ch

ai: Cafe de Crié original royal milk tea is combined with spicy syrup made from ginger, cinnamon, and cardamom, and finished with Hokkaido milk. Topped with whipped topping and ginger powder. The creamy texture and tangy aftertaste of ginger can be enjoyed.

Priced from 490 yen and released on November 16.

Cafe de Crié "Creamy chai with ginger aroma

White Chocolat & Berry Mont Blanc

White Christmas-inspired cake. The sponge is topped with sweet and sour raspberry sauce and strawberry cream, and white chocolate Mont Blanc cream is squeezed over the top.

The top is topped with freeze-dried strawberries and pistachio dice. The milky flavor of the white chocolate is recommended to pair with a café latte with the mild richness and bitterness of espresso.

Priced at 490 yen with a 30 yen discount for drink set menus, it goes on sale on November 16.


Matcha Chiffon

Cake A soft and light chiffon cake baked with Nishio matcha green tea grown and processed in and around Nishio City, Aichi Prefecture. The top is topped with whipped topping, matcha powder, and azuki beans. The elegant flavor of Nishio matcha is recommended for pairing with royal milk tea made with rich Assam.

Priced at 490 yen with a 30 yen discount for drink set menus, the dish goes on sale November 16.

Cafe de Crié "White Chocolate & Berry Mont Blanc" and "Nishio Green Tea Chiffon Cake
Nishio green tea chiffon cake (left) White chocolate & berry Mont Blanc (right)

Pasta Bolognese - Demi-glace Sauce Tailored -

Rich pasta slowly simmered with ground beef and pork, sauteed onions, tomato paste, demi-glace sauce and red wine. Honey is added as a secret ingredient for a sweet finish.

Cafe de Crié "Pasta Bolognese with demi-glace sauce

We recommend adding a half-boiled egg as a topping (+90 yen). It enhances the flavor of the meat and gives it a mellow taste.

Prices start at 790 yen, with a 50 yen discount for drink set menus. +The menu will go on sale on November 16.

Cafe de Crié "Pasta Bolognese - demi-glace sauce" fettuccine noodles

Warm Morning

Plate with

Broccoli Cheese Potage

Pokka Sapporo Food & Beverage's "Slowly Cooked" series, a morning plate with broccoli cheese potage. The set includes potage with the delicious taste of cheese and vegetables, savory toast, warm scrambled eggs, and a choice of drink.

Prices start at 650 yen and go on sale on November 16.

Cafe de Crié "Warm Morning Plate - Broccoli Cheese Potage

Café de Crié

Hokkaido Pumpkin Zuccotto Cake

is a tea-time dish from Café de Crié that brings a sense of dusty autumn. The top cream is made with 70% Hokkaido Ebisu pumpkin and is characterized by its smooth texture.

Cafe de Crié "Hokkaido Pumpkin Zucotto Cake".

The cream and sponge inside are also made with pumpkin paste, and the top is topped with pumpkin seeds for a cute look. The sweet flavor is recommended to be paired with Darjeeling tea or royal milk tea with milk.

The Hokkaido Pumpkin Zuccotto Cake will be available at Café de Crié stores from September 7. The price is 450 yen, with a 30 yen discount for drink set menus.

Pasta with Shrimp and Zucchini in Lemon Oil


The "Pasta with Shrimp and Zucchini in Lemon Oil Sauce" food menu item combines the refreshing acidity of lemon juice and the moderate bitterness of lemon zest in a lemon oil sauce with plump shrimp and zucchini. It can be enjoyed refreshingly all the way through, even during the hot season.

Prices start at 820 yen. 50 yen discount for drink set menus. The release date is July 6. Limited time offer.

Cafe de Crié "Pasta with shrimp and zucchini in lemon oil sauce

Iced Coffee/Iced Tea XL Size

XL size of iced coffee and iced tea will be available from July 6 to October 4. For a one-coin price of 500 yen, it is three times the amount of the S size. It is refreshing and easy to drink, and is recommended to be paired with a meal or dessert.

Cafe de Crié "Iced Coffee/Iced Tea XL Size


Choco Mint "Sorbège Choco Mint" is a popular drink every year that offers the mildness of chocolate and the refreshing sensation of mint. The blue marble pattern created by combining the mint-based syrup prepared in the store gives the drink a more refreshing appearance. The top is topped with brightly colored mint milk ice cream and chocolate sauce that hardens to a crisp with the coolness of the ice cream.

This year's theme is "My Mint. There are three levels of refreshment to choose from. Level 1 is the classic flavor of mint and chocolate. The price is 580 yen.

Level 2 is the most recommended, priced at 610 yen.

Level 3 is for those who want to enjoy the refreshing taste of mint and chocolate. The price is 640 yen.

Additional toppings include mint milk ice cream, chocolate sauce, vanilla ice cream, and whipped topping (all for a fee).

Cafe de Crié "Sorbège Choco Mint".

Homemade Coffee

Jelly Parfait - Chocolate Banana

Cafe de Crié "Homemade Coffee Jelly Parfait - Chocolate Banana

The dessert menu "Homemade Coffee Jelly Parfait - Choco Banana" is a mouthwatering parfait consisting of original coffee jelly made from iced coffee brewed at each store, vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, chocolate sauce, and fresh bananas. The coffee jelly's plump texture is accented by the chocolate sauce, which hardens to a crisp with the coolness of the vanilla ice cream.

The price is 480 yen. 30 yen discount for drink set menu.

Fluffy Meringue Lemon


The dessert menu "Fluffy Meringue Lemon Tart" is a tart with a fluffy meringue and lemon mousse with lemon zest (grated lemon peel) on a flaky tart dough, which is browned with a burner. The addition of lemon zest enhances the lemon aroma, flavor, and refreshing acidity, and goes well with the sweetness of the meringue, making this a perfect summer cake. We recommend pairing it with a cup of iced tea, which has an elegant and gorgeous flavor that complements the refreshing acidity of the lemon.

Cafe de Crié "Lemon Tart with Fluffy Meringue

The cake will go on sale on June 8. The price is 450 yen.

White Peach Melting


The "White Peach Melting Lassi" drink menu item is an iced drink with a refreshing taste that combines "Lassi," which is made from Bulgarian yogurt and Hokkaido milk, with white peach juice. It is finished in two layers with an original sauce containing white peach pulp.

Cafe de Crié "White Peach Melting Lassi

By mixing the two at your favorite time, you can enjoy the melt-in-your-mouth, juicy, rich taste of white peaches.

Priced at 460 yen, it will be on sale from June 2. The image in the back is the "Peach Tart" now on sale, priced at 460 yen.

Pasta with Suruga Bay Shirasu (baby sardines) in Japanese style

Cafe de Crié "Pasta with Japanese-style Suruga Bay Shirasu

Pasta Suruga Bay Shirasu no Wafu Tailored" is a Japanese-style pasta dish that combines oil sauce flavored with Japanese soup stock and roasted onions with moist kama-age shirasu (baby sardines) from Suruga Bay in Shizuoka Prefecture. The flavor of salted kelp enhances the taste of the shirasu. It is topped with shiso leaves for a refreshing taste.

The price is 740 yen. The drink set menu is available with a 50 yen discount starting June 2.

Toast Sandwich Miyazaki Nichinan Dori with Oba


The "Toast Sandwich Miyazaki Nichinan Dori with Oba Sauce" food menu item is a roasted chicken sandwich with a refreshing taste perfect for early summer, topped with roasted Nichinan chicken, a brand name chicken produced in Miyazaki Prefecture, and a fragrant Oba sauce. Cheese and garlic are added to the shiso sauce to give it a rich and delicious flavor. Crisp lettuce and fresh tomatoes add a refreshing finish.

Cafe de Crié "Toasted Sandwich Miyazaki Nichinan Bird with Shiso Sauce

The toasted sandwich with Miyazaki Nichinan chicken and shiso sauce is priced at 500 yen. The drink set menu offers a 20 yen discount.

It will be available at Café de Crié and Café de Crié Plus from May 25. To go is also available.


Tart "Peach Tart" is a tart with a crunchy texture, a base of peach sauce, a layer of cream with a moderate sweetness, and a top covered with a lush peach compote. The top surface is covered with fresh peach compote. The elegant aroma of peaches fills the mouth. We recommend pairing this fresh and juicy tart with a cup of Earl Grey tea fragrant with bergamot.

Cafe de Crié "Peach Tart" and "White Roll Cake - using Hokkaido cream cheese

Priced at 460 yen, it will go on sale on May 18. Drink set menu items receive a 30 yen discount.

White Roll Cake - Made with Hokkaido Cream Cheese


"White Roll Cake - Made with Hokkaido Cream Cheese" is a pure white roll cake made with cream containing Hokkaido cream cheese and rolled in soft sponge dough. It has a refreshing flavor that is easy to eat even in early summer. The deep richness of the Hokkaido cream cheese goes well with the refreshing taste of iced hojicha milk tea (available on May 11).

Priced at 430 yen, it will go on sale on May 18. The drink set menu offers a 30 yen discount.

Iced Hojicha

Milk Tea with

Okinawan Brown Sugar Honey -

Japanese milk tea with a savory and mellow flavor made by combining hojicha tea brewed at each store with Hokkaido milk. The optional Okinawa brown sugar syrup adds a pleasant sweetness and richness to the unsweetened milk tea. The sweetness can be adjusted to your liking and the tea is easy to drink, making it a perfect match with a meal.

Priced from 490 yen and up, it goes on sale on May 11.

Cafe de Crié "Iced Hojicha Milk Tea - with Okinawa Brown Sugar Honey

Pork Shabu

and Fried Eggplant with Japanese Oil Sauce

This Japanese-style pasta dish is popular every year and uses pork shabu and fried eggplant seasoned with soy sauce and sesame sauce. The sauce, which combines kelp extract and flavorful green onion oil, enhances the flavor of the pork. Shiso leaves are mixed in for a refreshing aftertaste that is perfect for early summer.

Priced from 740 yen with a 50 yen discount for drink set menus, it will go on sale on May 11.

Neapolitan of

a Western-style restaurant The popular pasta dish has been renewed as "Neapolitan of a Western-style restaurant" with an even better taste. More ketchup and sausage have been added to the pasta, giving it more tomato flavor and a more satisfying texture. The pasta is made to resemble the Neapolitan pasta carefully prepared in a frying pan at a Western-style restaurant.

Priced at 690 yen, with a 50 yen discount for the drink set menu, it will go on sale on May 11.

Cafe de Crié "Pork Shabu and Fried Eggplant with Japanese Oil Sauce" (front) and "Neapolitan from a Western Restaurant" (back)
Pork shabu-shabu and fried eggplant with Japanese oil sauce (front), Neapolitan from a Western restaurant (back)

Lemon-Scented Chilly Pound Cake

This cake was developed with the image of "Weekend Citron," a traditional French pastry meaning "a pastry to be eaten on weekends with your loved one. Lemon-flavored pound cake is coated with fondant (finely recrystallized sugar and water boiled down to a fine texture) with lemon juice. The fondant is cooled to add a crunchy texture that makes it even more delicious.

Priced at 250 yen, it went on sale on May 11.

Cafe de Crié "Lemon-scented chilly pound cake