KALDI "Shiitake Mushroom Snack - Ore Shiitake

KALDI Shiitake Mushroom Snack: Ore Shiitake

Mushroom I actually purchased and tried an original product sold by KALDI, "Shiitake Mushroom Snack: Ore Shiitake Mushroom. The price is 230 yen (tax included).

Shiitake Snack

Ore Shiitake

"Shiitake Snack Ore Shiitake" is made by frying whole shiitake mushrooms at low temperature to lock in their deliciousness and add just the right amount of saltiness. Each bag contains 36g (1.27oz).

When you open the package, you'll find a snack in the shape of a rolled "shiitake" mushroom! It is covered with a powder-like substance, so you can enjoy it in a seasoned state rather than tasting the shiitake itself.

KALDI "Shiitake Mushroom Snack - Ore Shiitake

When chewed, it is crunchy! The chewing is unique, with some parts falling apart in places. The seasoning is rather strong, and the saltiness matches the flavor of the shiitake mushrooms. The more you chew, the more the aroma and flavor of the shiitake mushrooms spread in your mouth!

The flavor of shiitake mushrooms lasts while you eat it, but it is not strong, and only slightly lingers. For those who are looking for a strong shiitake mushroom flavor, it may be a bit lacking.

KALDI "Shiitake Mushroom Snack - Ore Shiitake

The crunchy texture and the spreadable shiitake mushroom flavor make this KALDI "Shiitake Snack: Ore Shiitake" an addictive snack. It is a must-try for shiitake mushroom lovers!