Yakiniku Kingu "Gurumemashite Ne Kingu Sloppy - Choco Churros

Yakiniku Kingu KINGU Sloppy Chocolate Churros - Gurumazete Ne KINGU

Sloppy Chocolate Churros - A new limited-time dessert from Yakiniku Kingu will be on sale. It will be available from April 20 to early July. The price is 319 yen (tax included). The all-you-can-eat courses are the "Kingu Course" and "Premium Course.

Gurumazete Ne Kingu Sloppy

~Choco Churros~

"Gurumazete Ne Kingu Sloppy," a popular dessert at Yakiniku Kingu, has collaborated with SNOWY VILLAGE, a trendy Korean sweets store. The crunchy texture of the chocolate churros and soft-serve ice cream are a perfect match. Enjoy the chocolate churros by breaking them up with a spoon and mixing them together.

Yakiniku Kingu

is a restaurant specializing in all-you-can-eat table-order buffet-style yakiniku. The "4 major specialties" that can be ordered with the Kingu Course include the "Kingu Kalbi", which is made from a rare part of a cow (only about 500 grams), and other value-priced items.

The contents and sales period are subject to change without prior notice.