Gesoten Miso Ramen" supervised by Sushiro's "UTEN EVOLUTION

Sushiro "Gesoten Mis

o Ramen" supervised by "Yuuten Evolution" Sushiro is selling "Gesoten Miso Ramen" supervised by "Yuuten Evolution", a famous restaurant in Yamagata, the ramen kingdom, from May 16 to May 26. The price is 460 yen (tax included).



Ramen Sushiro's ramen has been on sale since April 2014. Starting with the "Sushiya no Ramen" series, which thoroughly pursues a flavor that goes well with sushi by using seafood heads and ara, Sushiro has developed a total of more than 115 types of ramen and mazesoba.

The new "Gesoten Miso Ramen" has a rich and robust miso soup based on seafood and layered with the flavor of multiple ingredients. As with the "Yuuten Evolution," the topping is a generous portion of Yamagata's soul food, "Gesoten," which can be enjoyed by dipping it into the soup to enjoy its richness and flavor. The soup is then dipped into the soup to enjoy the rich and tasty flavor of the gezoten.

Gesoten Miso Ramen" supervised by Sushiro's "UTEN EVOLUTION

Not available at "Sushiro To Go" and "Kyotaru Sushiro", take-out specialty restaurants.
Total of 310,000 servings to be sold, and will end when sold out.
* Limited number of servings available per day.
* Available at select locations for 470 yen (including tax) or 500 yen (including tax).
* Spicy miso is used.
* Not available for takeout.
* This product is different from the product offered at the supervising restaurant.

About "Yuuten EVOLUTION"

Ramen noodles The original "Gesoten Miso Ramen" was created by combining the soul food "Gesoten" and a special miso ramen at the Ryokan Abe in Onome Onsen in 1995, and since then the restaurant has expanded to five locations while continuing to conduct research, In 2018, homemade noodles were born. The soup is made from a variety of ingredients, and the spicy miso is aged with several kinds of chili peppers and other ingredients.

UTOTEN EVOLUTION "Gesoten Miso Ramen

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