Godiva "Kyo Kanze Chocolate
Kyo-Kanze Chocolate

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yo Kanze Chocolate Kyo Kanze Chocolate is part of the Godiva Monthly Chef's Selection, developed by Godiva in collaboration with chefs from around Japan, and will be available in single-packs from January 18, 2023 and two-packs from January 19, 2023 at eight stores in the Kintetsu Department Store. In the summer of 2023, a limited quantity will also be available at select Godiva stores. The price is 648 yen for a package of 1 piece (tax included) and 1,566 yen for a package of 2 pieces.


with Tsuruya Yosh

inobu This is a collaboration with Tsuruya Yoshinobu (Yoshi is a different character), which was founded in 1803. Dark chocolate with 72% cacao content from Belgium is used to create a fusion of tradition and innovation, maximizing the flavor and sweetness of the chocolate while preserving the simple taste of the white bean paste.

The yuzu peel is added to the sweetness to give it a rich and refreshing taste. The texture of the chocolates is a combination of the traditional and innovative flavors, with a hint of yuzu peel and a refreshingly rich taste.

Godiva "Kyo Kanze Chocolate" package

The design of the package is based on a legend about a dragon that is said to have descended from the heavens to create beautiful ripples in the water of a well near Tsuruya Yoshinobu's main store, Kanze Inari Shrine. The center of the whirlpool is decorated with the letter "G" and the center whirlpool is decorated with a small heart. It is presented as a special small gift for Valentine's Day or for a moment of relaxation.