Oyazuka Company "Butamen (Umami Spicy Seafood Flavor)
Butamen (Umami Spicy Seafood Flavor)

Oyazuka Company Butamen (Umakoshi Seafood Flavor)

Butamen (Umakoshi Seafood Flavor) will be available from


Company as a limited time flavor of the Butamen cup ramen series. It will be available at convenience stores nationwide from April 10, 2023. The product has a content of 35g (1.23oz) and a noodle weight of 28g (0.99oz), and will be sold at an estimated price of around 86 yen (tax included).

The Butamen series was launched in 1993,

adding spiciness to the seafood flavor

. The "Tonkotsu" flavor is rich and creamy for those who are hungry after club activities or cram school, the "Curry" flavor has a spicy and stimulating aroma for a late-night snack when you want to go the extra mile, the "Shoyu" flavor is simple but full of flavor when a bento is just not enough, and the "Tan-Shio" flavor is for those who want a hearty meal. There are four flavors to suit different occasions. The newly added "Umakatsu Seafood Flavor" is based on seafood flavor, with a spicy kick added for a punchy finish.

Oyazuka Company "Butamen" series
Butamen" series

Like the other flavors, it has a simple filling with no ingredients. It is reported to be more enjoyable to eat by adding a few familiar ingredients. The special Butamen Paradise website by Oyatsu Company also introduces recipes for the Butamen.

Oyatsu Company "Butamen Paradise
Buta Men Paradise