Cup Noodle Dumpling Big

Cup Noodle Big New Product

Cup Noodle Gyoza Big" will be released nationwide by Nissin Foods on November 7. The meaty flavor of this "Cup Noodle with rice" is a "Cup Noodle that you want to eat with white rice".

The "Cup Noodle Big" series was launched in 1991 as a large-size Cup Noodle product. Since then, the series has gained popularity, especially among young people.

Cup Noodle Gyoza Big

The new "Cup Noodle Gyoza Big" is a "Cup Noodle" style version of the classic "Gyoza" dish for those who want to eat with gusto.

The gravy gyoza-style soup and gyoza sauce give it a "gravy-filled gyoza" look.

Cup Noodle Dumpling Big

The "Meat Juice Gyoza-Style Soup" with a hint of garlic and chives spreads the flavor of meat in every mouthful. In addition to the "mystery meat," the soup is topped with cabbage and chives, which are well-known ingredients for gyoza. The "gyoza sauce," a soy sauce and vinegar-based sauce with a hint of raayu (Chinese chili oil), gives the gyoza a flavor similar to that of "juicy meat dumplings. Recommended for when you are hungry after a hard day of work or study and want a hearty meal with white rice, a perfect match.

Contents: 104 g (80 g noodles). Suggested retail price: 245 yen (excluding tax).