Marufuku Coffee Shop supervised lemonade, Marufuku Coffee Shop supervised drinking coffee jelly, Marufuku Coffee Shop supervised

Marufuku Coffee Shop Supervised

Lemonade/Drinking Coffee Jelly

Under the supervision of Marufuku Coffee Shop, two products, "Marufuku Coffee Shop Supervised Lemonade" and "Marufuku Coffee Shop Supervised Drinking Coffee Jelly," will be sold. The product will be 180 grams and will be priced at 213 yen (tax included).

Marufuku Coffee Shop Supervised


Marufuku Coffee Shop's lemonade is characterized by its refreshing flavor. The addition of Sicilian lemon juice and the flavor of ginger give it a refreshing taste. The lemon juice is also carefully balanced between sourness and sweetness, with just the right amount of tartness and sweetness, making it a good choice for the upcoming summer season. The lemon peel is also included to give the drink a pleasant texture.

Coffee Jelly

supervised by Marufuku

Coffee Shop Marufuku Coffee Shop's coffee jelly is characterized by the richness of its coffee. It is made with deep-roasted coffee beans, which gives the jelly a rich coffee flavor. The coffee jelly is made from deep-roasted coffee beans and has an authentic aroma. It is a drinkable jelly for easy enjoyment. It is perfect for a snack.

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