Exclusive to Starbucks Reserve stores! Handiwork and coffee."
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Exclusive to Starbucks Reserve stores! Stylish goods under the theme of "Handicrafts and Coffee. Starbucks

Reserve® Roastery Tokyo The second theme for the fifth anniversary of Starbucks Reserve® Roastery Tokyo is "Handicrafts". Mugs and glasses made of Ryukyu Glass, Hagiyaki, Tobeyaki, and Edo Kiriko, which are the fruits of craftsmanship filled with the passion and skills of artisans, will be on sale. Please check them out!

Handicrafts and coffee.


second edition of the Anniversary series, themed

"Coffee with Handicrafts," will feature a total of seven items of tableware with the essence of Roastery Tokyo added to the traditions created by the hands of craftspeople.

To commemorate the 5th anniversary of its opening in February 2024, Roastery Tokyo is currently holding a variety of events under the overall concept of "5 senses and coffee. The Anniversary is a six-month program that features a variety of themes based on the overall concept of "5 senses and coffee.

The theme of the second promotion, which began on May 10 (Fri.), is "Handicrafts and Coffee. The theme is "Handicrafts and Coffee. The Lawstery Tokyo is filled with "Handcrafted" products created by human hands. Baristas, chefs, craftsmen, and artists have entrusted their skills and thoughts to these products, and you can enjoy their unique texture and warmth.

Symbolic of this theme, the "JIMOTO Made+" series of seven dishes will go on sale on May 10 (Friday). This time, the focus is on four regional industries: Edo Kiriko from Sumida, Tokyo; Hagiyaki from Hagi, Yamaguchi; Tobe Ware from Tobe, Ehime; and Ryukyu Glass from Itoman, Okinawa. Visitors can enjoy a wide variety of pottery that has been passed down from parent to child and from master to apprentice over the ages and shaped by the hands of each individual craftsman. We hope you will enjoy the one-of-a-kind pieces that combine the traditional skills and passion that have been single-mindedly honed with the lives of the people living in the area, and the innovative essence that only Lawtory Tokyo can offer.

JJIMOTO Made+ Sumida Edo faceted glass 237ml (8.01us fl oz)

Exclusive to Starbucks Reserve stores! Handiwork and coffee."

Price: 44,000 yen (tax included, same as below)
*Please check the official store for availability and product details.

Edo faceting" in Tokyo was developed in the late Edo period (1603-1867) and is now designated as a traditional handicraft by the government and passed down from generation to generation. These glasses allow you to fully enjoy the beauty of the delicate cuts. The glasses are made by craftsmen at the Sumida Edo Faceting Museum®, a workshop specializing in Edo faceting authorized by Sumida City.

The base of the glass is blue, inspired by the murmuring of the Meguro River, and the glass has a short rock glass shape that can be used for coffee, tea, alcohol, ice cream, and meals.

While decorated with traditional Japanese patterns such as the "hemp leaf pattern," the modern asymmetrical layout of the glass gives it a multifaceted essence befitting of Law Station Tokyo. The cuts, which are created by faceted craftsmen relying on their exquisite fingertip senses backed by years of experience to adjust the thickness, depth, and angle of the lines, collect and reflect light, giving off a beautiful sparkle like a jewel.

JIMOTO Made+ Hagi Mug 355ml (12us fl oz), Usu-Ai / Usu-Zakura

Exclusive to Starbucks Reserve stores! Handiwork and coffee."

Price: 5,500 yen each

Hagi ware has been nurtured for over 400 years in Yamaguchi, Japan. The rounded shape of this mug is symbolic of the soft texture of Hagi ware, and the aroma of coffee can easily be felt.

It is produced by "Hagi Toen" in Hagi City, Yamaguchi Prefecture, which aims to bequeath traditional Hagiyaki to the future as everyday tableware that is loved in every scene of life. The two colors created by artisans skillfully combining clay, glaze, and firing are a deep blue inspired by the night terrace of the Roastery Tokyo and the Meguro River flowing below, and a gentle pink inspired by the rows of cherry blossom trees along the river. The charm of this piece is that each piece has a slightly different hue and expression.

Another characteristic of Hagi ware is that it has been popularly known as "Hagi no Nanake" (Hagi's seven transformations), in which tea stains and other stains soak into the fine cracks on the surface of the ware and change the taste of the ware. The change in appearance over the years is one of the pleasures of Hagi ware.

JIMOTO Made+ Nakayo Mug, Joshua Studio, 296ml (10.01us fl oz), indigo / white

Exclusive to Starbucks Reserve stores! Handiwork and coffee."

Price: 7,500 yen each

Ehime's "Tobe ware" boasts a history of approximately 250 years. This mug uses the deep blue "Kuresu" color, the most distinctive feature of Tobe ware, while incorporating a stylish and modern design.

The mug is produced by "Joshua Studio" in Tobe Town, Ehime, which aims to create a new realm of Tobe-yaki with bold patterns and colors while preserving the tradition. The deep blue color, called "Joshua Blue," created by the unique blend of colors, is inspired by the sea of Seto, which the craftsman has known since childhood. The artisan airbrushes each piece, one by one, to create a delicate gradation like the blue of the sea, which changes expression depending on the depth of the water.

The unique shape of the piece, reminiscent of bamboo joints, is inspired by the bamboo groves that used to be found throughout the Meguro area where Roastery Tokyo is located. This product was completed by respecting the beautiful natural beauty of Tomochi and Nakameguro, and infusing it with the innovative passion of the craftsman.

JIMOTO Made+ Itoman Ryukyu Glass 296ml (10.01us fl oz) "Yo / Sora

Exclusive to Starbucks Reserve stores! Handiwork and coffee."

Price: 6,400 yen each

Ryukyu glass, a traditional Okinawan craft, has been passed down through many trials and tribulations from prewar, postwar, to the present day. These glasses combine the vivid colors and warm, rustic shapes typical of Okinawa with the unique essence of Lawtory Tokyo.

The glassware is produced by RGC Corporation in Itoman City, Okinawa, which is one of the largest glassworks in the prefecture and is home to a large number of Okinawan craftspeople. The lineup includes two colors: blue, inspired by the bright sea and sky of Okinawa and the Meguro River that runs along the banks of Lawtory Tokyo; and orange, inspired by the sunlight that falls on Okinawa and the aroma of copper casks and coffee, which is the symbol of Lawtory Tokyo. The beautiful gradation is finished by skilled craftsmen.

The small bubbles floating on the uneven and thick glass are loved as the individuality and depth of flavor unique to handmade Ryukyu glass.

*On sale from May 10, 2024 (Friday) to
*One person may purchase up to one item of each product on the first day of sales only, and up to 10 items of each product per person on the following days and thereafter.
*Sales are subject to temporary shortages.

◆ Sales outlets: Starbucks Reserve® Roastery Tokyo, Starbucks official online store

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