Komeda Coffee Shop "Thickened Coffee

Thick Coffee" at


Coffee Shop Thick Coffee, jointly developed with Ishiko-shoji, will be available at some Komeda Coffee Shop stores from May 29, 2012. The price, including tax, will range from 460 yen to 640 yen (depending on the store).



As the population ages, the number of people with weakened swallowing ability is increasing every year. As the ability to swallow weakens, there is a risk of swallowing dry drinks and swallowing them improperly, or even getting them into the windpipe and causing pneumonia. As they experience choking, they become "afraid to drink. And no matter how much they liked coffee, if they feel that they cannot drink it safely, they will soon stop drinking it and graduate from coffee. At Komeda Coffee Shop, we hope to reduce the number of such sad coffee drinkers and help them enjoy the relaxing time of enjoying coffee with peace of mind.

Komeda Coffee Shop "Thickened Coffee

Based on this desire to "provide as many people as possible with delicious coffee that they can drink with peace of mind," "Thickened Coffee" was developed under the supervision of Professor Hiroshige Taniguchi of the Asahi University School of Dentistry, who is a dentist and certified by the Japanese Society for Ingestive and Swallowing Rehabilitation, and in collaboration with Ishiko Shoji Co.

As the name suggests, "Thickened Coffee" is a thickened coffee. Even though the coffee is thickened, it is brewed from the same Arabica beans as Komeda Brent, and the richness and lingering bitterness that are typical of Komeda Coffee Shop can be enjoyed. The smooth, thick texture of the coffee passes slowly through the esophagus, making it difficult to swallow, and it does not get cold easily, even if you drink it little by little over time. You can enjoy a relaxing, leisurely coffee time.

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